python-for-android 0.6 released

We’ve just officially released python-for-android 0.6. The new version can be downloaded via pip, or will be used by buildozer automatically in new installations. This release contains about 130 new commits from 14 different contributors. Thanks to everyone involved!

python-for-android is a packaging tool for turning Python scripts and apps into Android APKs. It was originally created for use with the Kivy graphical framework, but now supports multiple kinds of Python app including Kivy, PySDL2, a webview interface with Flask or other webserver backend, plain Python scripts without a GUI, or other possibilities such as Python builds for use in other applications.

As planned following the release of python-for-android 0.5, the new version includes some relatively major changes and improvements. In particular, python-for-android should now work with all recent versions of the Android SDK and NDK. On the SDK side this means python-for-android now uses gradle if available, although this doesn’t require any changes to the configuration on the user side.

For the next release I intend to focus work on checking and updating python-for-android’s build recipes to make sure they are all properly compatible with one another and with different build configurations. I’d also like to improve our automated testing, in order to more easily detect and fix issues as they appear.

For full instructions and further information, see the python-for-android documentation.