Kivy crash course

Kivy crash course videos

This site was originally created to collate my Kivy Crash Course series of youtube videos, which you can find on my youtube channel. This series starts from scratch and moves quickly through different Kivy features in about 10 minutes per video.

  1. Making a simple App; youtube or article.
  2. Building an Android APK; youtube or article.
  3. More interesting widget interactions; youtube or article.
  4. Kivy language; youtube.
  5. Mixing python and kivy language; youtube.
  6. Kivy properties; youtube.
  7. Drawing on the canvas; youtube.
  8. Let’s fix some bugs; youtube.
  9. Creating a scrollable label; youtube.
  10. Thinking about layouts; youtube.
  11. Animation and the Clock; youtube.
  12. Using Android APIs; youtube.
  13. Using Kivy’s settings panel: youtube.
  14. Using a ScreenManager: youtube.

I maintain a separate github repository with the original kivy crash course files and any accompanying notes. Everything relevant is linked to from the individual articles or videos.

Text tutorials

I’ve also written a series of introductory text tutorials for Kivy:

  1. Hello world!
  2. Improving appearances, customising widgets using Kivy Properties
  3. Building a full GUI
  4. Making the GUI do stuff, binding to events
  5. A drawing app
  6. Let’s draw something
  7. Introducing kv language
  8. More kv language
  9. Finishing the drawing app