I am a software engineer currently based in Cambridge, UK. Contact me at alexander@inclem.net.

I was previously (up to mid-2018) a postgraduate student then postdoc in theoretical physics at the University of Bristol. My academic publications and other activities include:

Scientific Publications

2018: Universal statistics of vortex tangles in three-dimensional random waves

Alexander Taylor, J Phys A 51, 075202 (2018)

2017: Analysis of Quantised Vortex Tangle

Alexander Taylor. Analysis of Quantised Vortex Tangle. Springer, 2017.

My thesis was published as a book as part of the Springer Theses series, recognizing outstanding Ph.D. research, following a nomination for this prize by the University of Bristol.

2017: Proteins analysed as virtual knots

Keith Alexander, Alexander J Taylor and Mark R Dennis, Scientific Reports 7, 42300 (2017)

2016: Vortex knots in tangled quantum eigenfunctions

Alexander J Taylor and Mark R Dennis, Nature Communications 7, 12346 (2016)

2015: PhD Thesis: Analysis of Quantised Vortex Tangle

Accepted May 2015.

2014: Geometry and scaling of tangled vortex lines in three-dimensional random wave fields

Alexander J Taylor and Mark R Dennis, J Phys A 47, 465101 (2014)

Selected for inclusion in the Journal of Physics A Highlights of 2014 collection.

Cover image for J Phys A 47 (46).

Conferences and Presentations

2017 APS March Meeting, New Orleans, USA

Contributed presentation: Stability of knotted vortices in wave chaos

Session K17: Knotting in Filaments and Fields

2016 Probabilistic Methods in Spectral Geometry and PDE, CRM, Montreal, Canada

Invited presentation: Geometry and topology of vortices in random quantum eigenfunctions

2016 Knots in Hellas, Ancient Olympia, Greece

Contributed presentation: Virtual knotting in protein chains

2016 Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Madrid, Spain

Invited seminar: Geometry and topology of vortices in random quantum eigenfunctions

2016 APS March Meeting, Baltimore, USA

Contributed presentation: Complexity of knotting in chaotic 3D eigenfunctions

Session V43: Wave Chaos: Theory and Applications

2016 University of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA

Invited seminar (the JFI Theory Seminar): Knots in random waves

2015 Geometry and Physics of Spatial Random Systems, Bad Herrenalb, Germany

Contributed presentation: Geometry and topology of vortices in random quantum eigenfunctions

2015 APS March Meeting, San Antonio TX, USA

Contributed presentation: Geometry and topology of tangled vortices in wave chaos

Session Q8: Wave Chaos: Theory and Applications

2014 Significance of Knotted Structures for Function of Proteins and Nucleic Acids, Warsaw, Poland

Poster: Topology of dark tangles in light

2014 Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Pennsylvania

Guest speaker seminar: Topology of quantised vortex tangle

2014 APS March Meeting, Denver, USA

Contributed presentation: Knotting of vortex tangle in three-dimensional random waves

Session S35: Vortices, Solitons and Driven Systems

2014 Physics Colloquium, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK

Contributed talk in the annual postgraduate colloquium, which consists of talks by three postgraduates elected from those in their final year of PhD study: Topology of quantised vortex tangle

2013 International Workshop on Singularities and Topological Structures of Light, International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy

Contributed presentation: Topology of quantised vortex tangle

Recipient of Oral Presentation Award from the Optical Society of America

2013 International Conference on Optical Angular Momentum, Glasgow, UK

Poster: Topology of dark tangles in light

2012 Quantised Flux in Tightly Knotted and Linked Systems, Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK

Poster: Topology of dark tangles in light

2012 IOP conference “Photon12”, Durham University, UK

Poster: Topology of dark tangles in light

2012 Physics by the Sea (summer school), St Bees, Cumbria, UK

Poster and short presentation: Knots in random fields

2012 Knotted Fields Miniprogram (1 month), Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Santa Barbara CA, USA

Invited short presentation: Knots in random fields

This site

This is my blog about my personal projects and interests, especially as a core developer of the cross-platform Kivy graphical framework for Python. I’m particularly involved in maintaining the python-for-android APK packaging tool, which supports multiple types of Python apps (not just Kivy!). I originally made this site to host my series of video tutorials that turned out to be quite popular.

These pages are constructed using Pelican, a static website generator for Python. The source is all publicly available on github.


My email address is alexander@inclem.net. Communications are welcomed.