python-for-android 0.4 released, now available on PyPI

We’ve just officially released python-for-android 0.4, and pushed it to PyPI for the first time!

python-for-android is a packaging tool for turning Python scripts and apps into Android APKs. It was originally created for use with the Kivy graphical framework, but now supports multiple kinds of Python app including Kivy, PySDL2, a webview interface with Flask or other webserver backend, plain Python scripts without a GUI, or other possibilities such as Python builds for use in other applications.

This release is the culmination of all the work over the last year to replace Kivy’s old Android toolchain with something more flexible and useful for other projects. Major features added in this time include the fully Python toolchain itself, support for SDL2 and other bootstraps, (experimental) python3 support via the CrystaX NDK, multiple architecture support, and many general improvements to the backend. Many thanks to all the contributors who have made this possible!

From now on we intend to move to regular versioned releases rather than the previous rolling master branch. Short term targets for the next release include bringing the python3 build up to full functionality and stability, and some argument restructuring to make command line usage simpler and clearer.

As of this release, you can now install python-for-android with simply:

pip install python-for-android

For full instructions and further information, see the python-for-android documentation.