Kivy 1.10 released

We’re pleased to announce a new stable version of Kivy, version 1.10. You can see the full detailed changelog on the mailing list announcement, and download the new version from the Kivy website or via your package manager.

This release includes many new features. Highlights include:

  • Python 3.5/3.6+ support on Windows. Support for these versions was previously available in nightly builds due to changes in the compiler toolchain, but official wheels are now available.
  • A new RecycleView widget replaces the old ListView. It is faster and more efficient, but with a simpler API.
  • Graphics backend improvements including ANGLE support on Windows and a mock backend for headless Kivy.
  • Several new Window options when using the SDL2 backend, for much improved cross-platform behaviour.
  • Improvements in Clock performance.

There are also many other new features and bugfixes, spread across over 1500 commits from almost 100 different developers. Thanks to everyone who contributed!