Customize your distributionΒΆ

The basic layout of a distribution is:

AndroidManifest.xml     - (*) android manifest (generated from templates)
    private.mp3         - (*) fake package that will contain all the python installation
    public.mp3          - (*) fake package that will contain your application
bin/                    - contain all the apk generated from
blacklist.txt           - list of file patterns to not include in the APK
buildlib/               - internals libraries for                - build script to use for packaging your application
build.xml               - (*) build settings (generated from templates)      - settings generated from your
libs/                   - contain all the compiled libraries        - settings generated from your
private/                - private directory containing all the python files
    lib/                  this is where you can remove or add python libs.
        python2.7/        by default, some modules are already removed (tests, idlelib, ...)      - settings generated from your
python-install/         - the whole python installation, generated from
                          not included in the final package.
res/                    - (*) android resource (generated from
src/                    - Java bootstrap
templates/              - Templates used by

(*): Theses files are automatically generated from, don't change them directly !